About Us

Our Policy

We want our customers to be able to:

  • Ride the best possible bikes we can provide (whilst making a reasonable profit)
  • Ride those bikes for a very long time
  • Not overpay

We started Lennox Custom Cycles after frustration at the bike market for not being able to find the right bike at the right specification and most importantly at a reasonable price point. 

We're not trying to change the world, we just really really like building awesome bikes and we're confident that we can fulfil on our policy with thoughtful frame design that has versatility and maintenance in mind and by ensuring we take the time to select the best quality components we can right down to the bearings in the headsets and bottom brackets!

We are your independent local custom bike shop - minus the shop.  We have a small team and build studio located in South West London.  By not having shop premises, we keep our costs down and prices competitive.

All our bikes are designed, assembled and quality inspected right here in the UK.  Our frames are manufactured by our excellent and highly experienced production partner in the Far East.  Nearly all the titanium frame bikes you see in the market today in the UK are manufactured in the Far East to a very high standard which is why we stand behind our products with a 5 year warranty against defects.